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General - Discussion on miscellaneous topics
Starting an Admin Support GroupA few of the assistants on my job were discussing the need for starting an admin... by Anonymous (02/15/2016) 9
CoffeeGood Afternoon Everyone, I gave this question a lot of thought before I decid... by Tank (02/02/2016) 21
Admin Mentor ProgramHi everyone. I'm in the process of putting together a Mentor Program for new adm... by Kathy J. (01/19/2016) 3
Help in creating a mission statement & values for AssistantsI have been promoted to Lead Executive Assistant and have been assigned to come ... by Catina Foreman (11/06/2015) 3
Job Descriptions - Administrative AssistantAt my facility, we are in the process of re-creating our job descriptions. Would... by Kelly Biggert (08/19/2015) 6
Halloween celebrationI am trying to come up with something fun and simple to do at our office to boos... by Party Planner (08/11/2015) 16
SMART Goals for EAsHas anyone created SMART goals as an EA? If so, would you be willling to share? ... by Donna McCarthy (03/17/2015) 1
Building a Presentation Skills Resource HubOne of my performance goals is to assist my supervisor and his team of direct re... by Senior EA-Business Writer (01/22/2015) 2
Seminar OutlineI need some assistance putting together an outline or overview of what I learned... by Lisa James (10/16/2014) 6
Organizing Spiral-Bound Reports on A CredenzaMy supervisor keeps spiral-bound reports in piles on his office credenza. He lik... by Senior EA-Business Writer (09/24/2014) 7
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Worklife Balance - Discussion on managing your personal and professional life.
High Level Complex PowerPoint PresentationsHave you ever used Microsoft's Business website? They offer free tutorials on an... by Kelly Dodson (03/01/2013) 1
Microsoft 2010Where or what is the best and fastest way to learn Microsoft Office 2010? Some ... by Gloria von Gesslein (02/28/2013) 9
High Level Complex PowerPoint PresentationsI want to learn how to make those very high level, complex, detailed PowerPoint ... by Gloria von Gesslein (02/28/2013) 7
Help with Visio - Team Frames in an Org ChartI'm working on an org chart in Visio, and I'm using the "team frame" f... by (11/20/2012) 2
Credit Card for an Executive AssistantI am wondering if any Executive Assistant out there has a credit card for busine... by Alice (09/11/2012) 34
How do you establish how to manage your new bosses calendar?I have only managed three calendars for three executives. The first two have be... by Anonymous (05/24/2012) 4
BudgetMy jog responsabilities are changing a bit. As part of a growing experience I h... by Martha Rivas (08/19/2011) 4
RE: OutlookYour IT dept can not figure it out because it can not be done. Only one calendar... by Julie Arnheim (08/19/2011) 0
Importing Outlook CalendarI need help from my fellow EA's. I just received a Blackberry and would like to... by Alice (08/17/2011) 6
Business vs. Personal in the OfficeIn terms of selling your Pampered Chef in the office, simple give individuals in... by Deeya Tauzin Ray (10/08/2010) 1
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Software, Internet, Office Equipment & Technology - Discussion of new software tips, trouble shooting and office equipment
Outlook 2013 Business Card TemplateI feel like this is probably an EASY task but can't seem to muddle thru it. I w... by Belinda Beaubouef (09/01/2015) 2
Publisher Mail Merge ProblemHello - We put together newsletters to our members and want to merge addresse... by Jessica Lopez (07/09/2015) 1
Project Management System/SoftwareWe are looking at several systems for project management, mainly for a dashboard... by (06/25/2015) 0
Book Creating SoftwareHello Everyone - I was wondering if anyone knew of a book making software. We... by Jessica Lopez (06/10/2015) 2
Does anyone know of a faxing website?Does anyone know of a website that does multiple and large faxes? We send bill m... by Jessica Lopez (06/10/2015) 7
Anyone know how to use Illustrator?I am working on a graphic and it sure would be nice to speak with someone who is... by Lisa James (04/15/2015) 0
Meeting Scheduling ProgramsAfternoon! I was wondering if anyone else does something similar that can direc... by Alysia (03/13/2015) 5
Visio 2010 Good morning Looking for a class, etc. for Visio 2010. Anyone have good experi... by Wanda Heit, CAP-OM (02/13/2015) 2
ShredderFirst I apologize if a thread exists about this already...I looked briefly and d... by Dawn/Chicago (02/27/2014) 5
Mobile Meeting ApsWe are looking for a mobile app that can be used at large and small events. ... by Rhonda Strong (01/23/2014) 1
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Workplace Issues - Discuss problems with difficult people, situations and events.
Advice I work for a manager who procrastinates and micro-manages and would like to kno... by Anonymous (04/28/2016) 6
Vacation SchedulesNeed to know what vacation allowance other companies are using now. With the job... by Party Planner (05/12/2015) 10
The Catering BattleAn on-going topic on contention between my boss and I is catering for meetings. ... by Anonymous (11/21/2014) 1
New Employee-Could you please give me some advice on what to say to an employee who you have ... by Anonymous (11/17/2014) 3
Manager gives same task to multiple peopleMy executive has an awful habit of asking several different people in his depart... by Nikki (09/18/2014) 5
Do I tell my boss or notI know that a coworker is looking for another job. I feel that sufficient notic... by Anonymous (06/05/2014) 14
writing a proposal for creation of a new positionDoes anyone have experience with writing job proposals? I'm toying with the idea... by Rose (08/22/2013) 1
Job responsibilities I need your assistance. I have an employee who has been talking about retiring ... by Anonymous (08/21/2013) 1
too much stimuli for one person?When my coworker is out (and she is a dedicated, hardworking professional who de... by Judith Probber (06/15/2013) 7
Cubicle Etiquette, Respect, & AwarenessI work for a fairly small company (40-50 people) where most of the staff have th... by Anonymous (02/25/2013) 10
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Networking - Increase your career success by connecting to fellow members
Innovationn Ideas for the Core Admin RoleAccountability, Innovation, Integrity, Teamwork & Winning Mindset - those ar... by Anonymous (03/13/2014) 6
DC Metro Area MembersHello! I'm a newbie and thought that I would say hello to everyone on the sit... by Valerie A. Higgs (11/25/2013) 0
Hello All Members who live in Midlothian, Virginia?Are there members who live in Midlothian, Virginia who would like to physically ... by Jacki (07/09/2013) 0
Employee Recognition for Years of ServiceWe want to start a recogntion program, but feel that plaques/awards usually just... by (02/26/2013) 1
HR Manager / Office Manager Opportunities in Orlando, Florida?Does anyone know of a business or office that is seeking a new HR Manager and/or... by Senior EA-Business Writer (10/18/2012) 5
EA's - Join Us For Our Debut Event; 'Behind Every Leader' in Los AngelesOur groundbreaking event, 'Behind Every Leader,' has evoked a huge response from... by Victoria Rabin (07/10/2012) 0
Board Resignation GiftWhen one of our board members retires or resigns, we have a 8x10 photo of our ho... by Brenda Short (11/20/2011) 0
Board Member Resignation PlaqueOur Board Chair has resigned and will be leaving of Governance Board at the end ... by sgarland (11/17/2011) 6
Returning to Job Market and Looking for HelpI'm re-entering the job market in the Northern Virginia area and need some help.... by Jan Cook (11/17/2011) 8
Kentucky HelpI need someone in the Lexington Kentucky area to help me put our Central Filing ... by Captain Clay Hammer (11/16/2011) 1
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Company Policies and Office Procedures - Discussion of company sponsored benefits, policies and office procedures
Pros and Cons of ppl having access to CEO calendarNeed help! People are asking for access to my bosses calendar. My boss doesn't... by Donna McCarthy (05/13/2016) 9
Safety Companion/Patient Sitter GuidelinesGood afternoon! I am in the process to creating a policy for non-clinical staff ... by Kelly Biggert (03/22/2016) 2
File organizationMy boss receives several hard copy trade and industry publications in the mail ... by Debra Shumate (03/17/2014) 1
Question Regarding Preferred Method of Taking Meeting MinutesIn your professional experience with taking meeting minutes, which method have y... by Nancy Meyer (01/22/2014) 9
Sabbatical PolicyI am looking for examples of sabbatical programs that employers offer to their e... by Stacy Leitner (05/03/2012) 1
Why isn’t dress Code that isn’t really enforced?According to our handbook our dress code depends mostly on the department you ar... by Annoymous (03/27/2012) 1
Filing TestI'm looking for a basic filing test to give our new hires and temps before I all... by Debb Ross (08/17/2011) 2
Correspondence Routing Slip for Director's SignatureHello, As I previously mentioned, I was recently relocated to another office wit... by Irene Scott (07/27/2011) 4
New title for ReceptionistWe are looking to upgrade the job title of our receptionist. She is full-time a... by Anonymous (06/27/2011) 18
Safety PoliciesGreetings, I work for a fairly large technology division (160 employees) in a l... by Joyce McSweeney (06/20/2011) 7
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Career Development - Discussion of current and future goals, objectives, advancements, changes, education and training.
Job Titles and DescriptionsI work for a large corporation and have been tasked to come up with job titles d... by Nikki (03/02/2015) 0
Are most admin positions these days temp to hire? Is it just my luck or am I just encountering temporary positions only? I'm tempt... by TSK (03/11/2014) 0
New Job Title HelpI have been asked to create a new job title for myself. My 'added' responsibili... by Alice (02/24/2014) 10
A career changeI have been running my own family owned business for close to 30 years and plan ... by Elizabeth Bridges (11/08/2013) 1
Meal ReimbursementOur company reimburses for meals (same day travel) only if the employee's total ... by Anonymous (10/15/2013) 7
What kind of resume format should I use?I used to be an Administrative Executive for nearly two years like back in year ... by TSK (09/23/2013) 3
Afterhours Ok I’m in a very small department; we’ve ranged from 3-4 employees over the ye... by Annoymous (09/12/2013) 8
Workplace Vending AlternativesHi, I would love to get some feedback on what your current vending operation... by Angela Wiesmore (09/12/2013) 0
Student softwareI am the Administrator for a Certificate Program. This is the initial move tow... by Tammy A Phillips (09/12/2013) 6
advice on benefits of higher educationGreetings all: I have 20 years of administrative assistance experience with an A... by Shayne Lauchnor (09/09/2013) 11
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AEAP Annual Conference - Network with others attending the annual conference
St. Louis ConferenceHello all! This will be my first year attending the conference and I'm looking f... by Monica Hetu (06/06/2008) 1
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News and Announcements - Admin topics in the news and announcements from headquarters
For Us Working Women Who Find It Hard To Juggle Our Careers & Keep AWatchful Eye Our Children As They Surf the NetKidZafe Can Help You Protect Your Child Did you know? • 33% of teens have be... by Lisa (09/08/2011) 0
What factors do you consider before you make limo reservation?What keywords do you use to find the limousine service or airport transportation... by Shareen Rizvi (12/09/2009) 4
Special for Airport Transportation We offer Holiday Special for airport transportation fo Chicago Airports. For Res... by Shareen Rizvi (12/09/2009) 0
AEAP 34th Annual ConferenceLast chance to attend AEAP's 34th Annual Conference, September 17 - 19, 2009 in ... by Party Planner (08/14/2009) 0
Chicago areaI am going to Chicago in December and would like advice on the best places to se... by Teresa Wall (11/19/2008) 10
Job SearchI have not logged into the AEAP website for awhile. The job search section seems... by jh (08/06/2008) 1
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Government Admins - Connect with other admins working for the various government agencies, city, state and federal
Minute TakingDoes anyone have any ideas how I can take minutes at a meeting that is very impo... by Anonymous (04/10/2013) 9
Federal Resume KSA'sDoes anyone know how to draft a KSA resume for the government? I'm coming out o... by Teri McCullough (12/28/2009) 3
recognition derservedI would appreciate any advice that you can provide regarding being overlooked fo... by Deborah Garitson (03/11/2008) 1
Paternity LeaveWhere can I I find information on paternity leave for state of California? How ... by Leyina Chen (03/03/2008) 11
Performance Eval.I have an employee that I will be meeting with to discuss her Performance Evalua... by Anonymous (03/03/2008) 17
Office PoliciesOur new insurance carrier is requiring us to add additional office policies to t... by Sandra Clair-Ball (02/12/2008) 1
Updating Contact InformationI would like to know more efficiant ways to update our contact information than ... by Diane Beecher (12/06/2007) 1
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Healthcare Admins - Connect with other admins working in the healthcare field
Healthcare AcronymsI'm looking for a listing of healthcare acronyms to include in our Board Orienta... by Lisa Porria (01/13/2009) 7
Job HuntThis is my first time with an inquiry. I have a string of bad luck - I get a gre... by Diane Klepadlo (08/15/2008) 15
Dress Code for Non-Patient Care Healthcare EmployeesI am an executive secretary in Administration at a hospital. I have been asked b... by Lisa Cudd (07/28/2008) 13
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Financial Admins - Connect with other admins in the banking, finance, accounting and insurance fields.
Student workers Do any of you financial admins have student workers that you supervise? If so, w... by Kaila Hoshor (10/30/2013) 2
Any other financial admins out there?I just noticed that there are no posts from any other financial admins and thoug... by S3 (05/27/2011) 4
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Education Admins - Connect with other admins in the education field
Educational AssistantsIf you are an administrative assistant working in education and could share what... by Anonymous (05/06/2016) 0
Reports I have been looking for a new job as either a senior administrative assistant or... by Anonymous (05/27/2012) 7
Textbook Inventory SystemOur school system is looking at textbook inventory systems. We do not currently... by Mona Kay Helper (04/24/2008) 2
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Human Resources Admins - Connect with other admins working in HR
New to being an Office ManagerHello Everyone, My name is Rhonda and I am currently the Office Manager in a ... by Rhonda Peoples-Jones (11/22/2013) 2
Keyboarding (Typing) Skills Testing SoftwareWe are looking for a way to test typing speed/skills and are wondering if there ... by Tamra Moore (11/20/2013) 7
Charter for HR Admin Working GroupWe are creating an HR Admin Working Group and need to come up with a charter, do... by Nancy Murphy-Walsh (07/15/2010) 0
Nepotism PolicyMy company's policy: "No member of the immediate family of a current City s... by Joan McHale (07/17/2009) 0
Payroll SpecialistDoes anyone have a job description of a Payroll specialist? We only have one HR... by Anonymous (07/08/2009) 2
Exit GuideI have been asked to compile a list of things to do or items to receive from a t... by Anonymous (06/22/2009) 11
Going from 5 day week to 4 daysWe are considering changing from a 5 day week to a 4 day week (32 hour week). D... by Anonymous (06/09/2009) 5
Pink SlipsI have been asked to write pink slips for a layoff that is coming up at the end ... by John Malek (04/15/2009) 9
Mapping Software for FMLA trackingDoes anyone know of a software where I could map our offices and see which other... by Anonymous (03/23/2009) 5
Human Resources QuestionI would like to know how to get experience in the human resources field, after g... by Anonymous (01/12/2009) 10
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Legal Admins - Connect with other admins working in the legal field
New to AEAPJust wanted to say hello to the other Legal Admins on this site. I worked in a ... by Valerie A. Higgs (11/25/2013) 0
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Virtual Assistants - Connect with other VA's
Have more members become Virtual Assistants since 2008?I see that we have a forum from 2008 regarding becoming a VA. Are there others o... by Terry Killian (08/31/2010) 3
Wanted to switch to healthcare industryI'm an administrative assistant with 12 years of experience in the financial (co... by Anonymous (07/22/2010) 1
Legitimate home-based admin opportunityDoes anyone know of a legitimate opportunity for someone with excellent admin sk... by Julie Dasher (05/08/2008) 10
All Season Flea MarketsI have a client who is thinking about renting a permanent space at an All Season... by Susan Rogers (12/07/2007) 0
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Communication/Technology/Computer Admins - Connect with other admins in the technology and communicaiton fields
eFax My company currently uses Nextiva for receiving and sending faxes. In recent w... by Anonymous (08/20/2013) 4
PowerPoint 2010 Creating Chart StylesDoes anyone know how to create chart styles in PowerPoint 2010? Is there an easy... by Anonymous (10/26/2012) 1
Calendar HelpI have been asked to look into creating an Executive Calendar for just the VP's ... by DSK (02/07/2012) 5
DisclaimerDoes anyone have a general disclaimer they use when making a report of a telepho... by Julie Minegar Stasi (02/03/2012) 0
Policy Management SoftwareDo you use a policy management software? If so, what software do use? Do you fi... by Kathie A (09/12/2011) 0
Web Demos or WebinarsMy new boss asked me to set up a call with a present client and have a Web Demo... by Anonymous (03/14/2011) 0
Reply vs. Reply AllDoes anyone have a best practice they can share on how to address others on when... by Anonymous (03/04/2010) 6
Outlook 2003 Read Receipt QuestionI am a long-time user of Outlook 2003 and recently had my computer replaced. Of ... by Anonymous (10/28/2009) 15
Outlook Meeting PlanningHi all. I plan sooooo many meetings using Outlook. My frustration is that I wi... by Kathy J. (10/23/2009) 5
Secretarial CompetenciesFor the State of Washington, you can find competencies at the following URL. The... by Carroll Ferguson (10/01/2009) 1
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Manufacturing/Construction Admins - Connect with others in the manufacturing and construction fields.
PowerPoint Online Classes?I need to sharpen my PP skills and need assistance - does anyone know of an onli... by KJ (05/03/2016) 0
Admin SiteWe used to have an admin. page on my previous company's website where the admin ... by Anonymous (03/28/2016) 0
New to the Plant/Manufacturing Environment - LOTO DocI am learning my new position in a new environment. Coming from the education w... by Belinda Beaubouef (01/05/2015) 0
Adobe Illustrator CS6Does anyone know Adobe Illustrator CS6 very well? I need some help creating a g... by Lisa James (10/29/2014) 2
APC 2014 ConferenceI recently attended the APC conference in Maryland. It was excellent! I need t... by Lisa James (10/12/2014) 0
Lotus Notes 8.0Where can I get really good online training on Lotus Notes 8 that is quick and e... by Gloria von Gesslein (04/09/2013) 3
All hands meetingsI have been looking for a job since I was laid off a few months ago. One of the... by Anonymous (06/15/2012) 5
Employee EvaluationsI have been tasked with coming up with ways that will improve the value of emplo... by Jolie50 (06/12/2012) 1
Looking for VOIP ProviderHi all. I just joined AEAP and I am looking forward to networking and learning f... by Violet (10/25/2011) 3
Dual MonitorsI have been using dual monitors for 6 years and have no idea how I did my job w/... by Alice (07/21/2011) 3
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