Expand your administrative skills and add to your career on your own time! The Association of Executive and Administrative Professionals has teamed up with Ed2go, an online provider of adult continuing education courses. They offer a huge selection of instructor-led, asynchronous 6-week courses. Lessons are posted twice weekly, allowing you to work at your own pace whenever it's convenient for you.  Whether you are an administrative assistant, executive assistant, executive secretary, legal secretary, receptionist, office manager or manager, Ed2go offers courses to meet your educational needs.

Visit www.ed2go.com/aeap to view all of our courses as low as $99!

Here is a sampling of our courses

Introduction to Microsoft Excel 2010

Do you work with numbers? Then you need to master Microsoft Excel 2010—and this is the place to do it. Even “non-techie” beginners will find it easy to learn Excel in this fun, step-by-step online course.  

These lessons will teach you dozens of shortcuts and tricks for setting up fully formatted worksheets quickly and efficiently. You'll also learn the secrets behind writing powerful mathematical formulas and discover how to use the function wizard to quickly and automatically calculate statistics, loan payments, future value, and more.  

In addition, you'll get tips on sorting and analyzing data, designing custom charts and graphs, creating three-dimensional workbooks, building links between files, endowing your worksheets with decision-making capabilities, and automating frequently-repeated tasks with macros and buttons. 

Introduction to Microsoft Word 2007 Learn how to create and modify documents in Word 2007, the most popular word-processing program available.  

  • Introduction to Microsoft Excel 2007 Discover dozens of shortcuts and tricks for setting up fully formatted worksheets quickly and efficiently. Learn the secrets behind writing powerful formulas, using functions, sorting and analyzing data, creating custom charts, creating 3-dimensional workbooks, building links, and creating macros and custom toolbar buttons.

  • Administrative Assistant Fundamentals This course will help you discover and master the essentials of managerial and staff support, information and records management, communications technology, travel and meeting coordination, space planning, and office ergonomics. You'll become an indispensable member of your team by identifying opportunities and implementing solutions to turn your office into a high productivity machine. This course may help you prepare for the internationally recognized Certified Professional Secretary (CPS) and Certified Administrative Professional (CAP) exams offered by the International Association of Administrative Professionals.

    • Need to improve your other skills or want to learn how to make a little extra cash on eBay? Take a look at these courses:

Speed Spanish. This powerful course teaches six easy recipes you can use to glue Spanish words together into sentences. With the powerful methods taught in this course, you'll be able to engage in conversational Spanish in no time. ¡Qué Bueno!

  • Learn to Buy and Sell on eBay. Online auctions match buyers with sellers in a global marketplace for almost any item. If you've ever dreamed of working from home or just earning extra income by buying and selling goods online, our experienced instructors will guide you every step of the way. You'll learn how to create titles that get noticed, how to craft advertising copy that sells items quickly and for top dollar, and how to create and upload photos of the items you are selling. You'll also learn how to safely conduct financial transactions, how to accept credit card payments, and how to pack and ship any item hassle-free. If you're a buyer, you'll learn how to value almost any item up for auction, how to get the best possible price, how to protect yourself against fraud, and how to compete effectively against other bidders.

Another plus: this benefit is not just limited to you. Share the website with coworkers and family members who may also want to improve or expand their skills. Why not go to www.ed2go.com/aeap and start learning now!



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How about adding a second career!  The Association of Executive and Administrative Professionals is partnering with Career WebSchool to offer the following online education:

National Mortgage Exam Prep
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