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Human Resources Admins
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New to being an Office Manager Hello Everyone, My name is Rhonda and I am currently the Office Manager in a Career Center at an Educational Institution and need your assistance. I manage the calendars for 11 counselors, along with scheduling student appointments, which requires me to check the email and answer the phone and partially managing the office budget. Whew! that was a lot. All of this is done at the front desk, which means that I am the first point of contact and can get very busy. Keep in mind that I am the only person at the front desk, so I am like an Octopus. Do any of you have any suggestions or tips on the best way to manage the front desk? Manage time, prioritizing and multi-tasking. What are your secrets? Any books you may be able to recommend. I am desperate. Any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks in Advance, Rhonda Rhonda Peoples-Jones 11/22/2013 8:39:04 AM2
Keyboarding (Typing) Skills Testing Software We are looking for a way to test typing speed/skills and are wondering if there is a good software program or web site for this? Thank you. Tamra Moore 11/20/2013 3:04:52 PM7
Charter for HR Admin Working Group We are creating an HR Admin Working Group and need to come up with a charter, does anyone have any ideas? Nancy Murphy-Walsh 7/15/2010 1:17:19 PM0
Nepotism Policy My company's policy: "No member of the immediate family of a current City service employee, Contract employee, Department Director, Charter Official or Elected Official will be hired by the City on a regular or temporary basis within the City except in circumstances in which the City is benefited by such employment and no supervisory or other conflict is possible because of employment status or location and such employment is approved by the City Manager with justification documented in writing. For purposes of this section, immediate family is defined as ........ The City will at all times comply with the anti-nepotism statutes of the State of Florida, currently FS 112.3135. Daisy 7/17/2009 6:13:26 AM0
Payroll Specialist Does anyone have a job description of a Payroll specialist? We only have one HR director and we are trying to separate areas in which we need to get additional expertise. Anonymous 7/8/2009 11:49:50 AM2
Exit Guide I have been asked to compile a list of things to do or items to receive from a terminated employee. The director wants this list stapled to the front of each personnel file. Does anyone have an Exit Guide? Thanks Carol Anonymous 6/22/2009 6:12:28 AM11
Going from 5 day week to 4 days We are considering changing from a 5 day week to a 4 day week (32 hour week). Does anyone have experience in salary changes, benefits, duties etc.. If a person can do the work in 4 days that they did in 5 days with some adjustments of duties. i welcome your comments. Thanks Carol Anonymous 6/9/2009 11:52:22 AM5
Pink Slips I have been asked to write pink slips for a layoff that is coming up at the end of this week. As much as I really hate this task, I could use some help on the wording and if anyone has a template they could forward to me, I would be much appreciative. My email is please help me if you can, as I am not finding much in the way on-line to help me out with this. Thank you, John Malek John Malek 4/15/2009 6:45:40 AM9
Mapping Software for FMLA tracking Does anyone know of a software where I could map our offices and see which other locations are within the 75 mile radius? I need to know how many employees and offices are located within 75 miles of each other for purposes of FMLA tracking. Respond to Anonymous 3/23/2009 2:17:38 PM5
Human Resources Question I would like to know how to get experience in the human resources field, after graduation from college with a Bachelors degree if every place you apply requests experience. Once a student graduates high school, goes to college, receives a degree but has no work experience, how do they acquire a job. Most jobs want experience and a degree but how is that obtained? Anonymous 1/12/2009 1:19:30 PM10
Emergency Preparedness & Business Continuity I am on a committee to develop an Emergency Preparedness & Business Continuity plan. I'd appreciate any ideas or if your office has one that you could share, it can be emailed to: SWW 12/8/2008 7:58:37 AM2
New Employee Orientation Presentation Hello: I am trying to put together a power point presentation so that we can offer our employees to view when they start. I would like different issues covered, but I am unsure how to get started. Can any one provide me with a sample or give me some ideas to get started? Thanks. Anonymous 5/14/2008 2:02:58 PM9
Hr Issue: FMLA or Unpaid Leave I have a new employee who was absent for 1 week because her grandmother had an accident and she needed to take care of her. Our company does not offer sick days, but only accrued annual leave. We told her that her days missed work has to be deducted from accrued annual leave of 6.67 hrs per month. Are there any FMLA regulations that says that company have to offer employee paid leave for that time she has missed work? Leyina Chen 3/25/2008 12:42:06 PM8
HR Issues: Investigations I have an employee who gave false reference in his job application. I did not investigate to verify his application information prior to hiring him and now he's been with the company for 2-3 months now. How should I handle this matter according to the HR laws and regulations? Leyina Chen 3/25/2008 12:37:15 PM4
Help! Office Policies I work for a municipality and our new insurance carrier is requiring us to add additional office policies to the ones we currently have. I'm looking for written policies on Internet Usage and Offensive Behavior. We're a small to mid size municipality(population appx. 16,000) and some of the larger cities have policies that are really huge. If anyone uses any policies similar to these but kind of simple in form, I'd appreciate any assistance or information. Please email me at Sandra Clair-Ball 2/12/2008 10:39:29 AM3
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