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HR Issues: Investigations

I have an employee who gave false reference in his job application. I did not investigate to verify his application information prior to hiring him and now he's been with the company for 2-3 months now. How should I handle this matter according to the HR laws and regulations?

Submitted by: Leyina Chen


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Most employment applications state that 'false information given on an application is grounds for immediate termination'. That is the simplest place to start if you want to fire this individual---it's right there on the application, the person signed it agreeing to the application's terms. Also, most companies have 90 probation policies, also. If your company has this, take advantage; if this person has been with the company for <90 days (3 calendar months) you can fire him or her without giving reason and no legal backlash. Problem solved! Best policy is to check a job aspirant's references before offering him employment, but companies have carte blanche to check references anytime( once again, standard employment applications say this). Many job seekers 'tweak' their resumes and applications, but lying to get a job shows weakness of character. If a person will lie about a phone number or past residences (simple things) would he lie about embezzlement or fraud? Many times people think their backgrounds (job history, arrest records) are worse than they actually are and many HR managers won't necessarily disqualify someone for their past if indeed the job aspirant can do the job. This is for all of us: honesty is the best policy. STEADMOND SMITH on 1/13/2009 1:38:34 PM
Why would you be checking references 2-3 months after the employee starts working? Anonymous on 3/26/2008 1:36:05 PM
No our application form or policy and procedure manual state any false information given is grounds for dismissal. What is your company policy and procedure manual regarding employee giving false information? Leyina Chen on 3/26/2008 9:45:26 AM
ALWAYS, ALWAYS check references, perform background checks and have drug screenings first! Satisfactory completion of all these should be required before you hire someone. You may make a contingency offer pending satisfactory results of the above. Do you have a company attorney who can answer the question as to what to do now? Does your application form or policy and procedure manual state any false information given is grounds for dismissal? Anonymous on 3/25/2008 1:49:20 PM

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