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Emergency Preparedness & Business Continuity

I am on a committee to develop an Emergency Preparedness & Business Continuity plan. I'd appreciate any ideas or if your office has one that you could share, it can be emailed to:

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Last evening, we had a speaker from Reputation Partners, Mr. Nick Kalm. He was outstanding. He spoke of how his company helped Von Maur Department Store through the shooting episode a few years back in Omaha. Reputation Partners is equipped with a talented team of experienced consultants to help your company through ongoing visibility campaigns or situational projects. You can learn more about the firm or have a communications scenario address by contacting Charlotte Walker at or calling her at (312) 819-5723. Tell her you were referred by Carol Green. Thank you. Carol Green on 12/10/2008 7:31:48 AM
At our work (large company) we have a call tree set up (Paragon software) until that was set up everything was manual with each office having their own manual call tree set up in an excel spreadsheet. This is done so if the office is closed for whatever reason all local employees can be notified. The information includes work, home, cell phone numbers as well as work and home email addresses. For situations where we must evacuate the building we are assigned an assembly point close by. This is done in conjunction with building management. We have a full evacuation practice every other year. We have: designated searchers who in an evacuation situation make sure all offices/bathrooms etc are evacuated and clear; designated wardens who are in communication with building security or emergency personnel; first responders so if there is an emergency on the floor they are the ones who direct what to do. They are first aid/cpr certified. Hope this helps! Jeanette Bright on 12/8/2008 11:28:45 AM

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