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Visio 2010

Good morning Looking for a class, etc. for Visio 2010. Anyone have good experience with a class? Thanks.

Submitted by: Wanda Heit, CAP-OM


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I highly recommend Webucator. They have a variety of courses. You can choose from various levels of difficulty, and they offer courses that are interactive. For those, they'll send you what you need to speak and interact with the instructor and other students on-line. You can also take the self-paced classes. They provide bang for the buck, from my experience. Senior EA-Business Writer on 2/13/2015 1:52:16 PM
I need this, too! Here at Dignity Health / Marian Regional Medical Center, our education department schedules Microsoft classes for staff which we can attend. I recently asked for a MS Visio 2010 class. There is an instructor with Horizons, Sacrmaneto, that is supposed to be an expert. Not sure this helped, but knowing there are those of us, also, in the same predicament sometimes gives peace. - Janet Janet Datu on 2/13/2015 1:42:34 PM

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