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Project Management Advice

I've been asked to coordinate the office reconfiguration for my department. It includes two separate office suites. Do you have any suggestions or helpful tips for managing such a project?

Submitted by: Ayanna Castro


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Ayanna, I have been responsible for this activity at several places I have worked. If you do not have project management software available, I have used excel. I create a punch list of every item/detail that has to happen for this project (i.e. electrician (for cubes), movers, boxes, etc.) - from beginning to end - columns for due date, owner, comments, etc.. Create a small team to review this punch list, delegate what you can or is feasible and communicate clearly with the folks that are affected by this reconfigure. People are very appreciative of knowing what is happening when. The excel sheet will be your manager for this project - update it frequently or prior to your meeting regarding the project. Good Luck. Kelly Fritsch on 4/20/2011 8:38:12 AM
First thing is to talk to your IT dept regarding moving computers, printers, networking issues etc. That is the HEART of any company and by far the most important. Secondly, create a template using Excel mapping out the current configuration of your office and a second template showing the changes. The next part is to use this time to "clean house." With any move comes tossing any unnecessary items that doesn't need to be moved and coordinating what the individual being affected by the move will be responsible for to move to their new space and what the company will be responsible for moving. (I guess as you can tell I've done this quite a few times in my career). Lastly, there are so many moving parts, it takes extreme skill, patience and obsessive compulsive concentration to detail. Every move/reconfiguration comes with at least one hiccup but the most important thing is to map out and have projected completion dates of what you're looking to accomplish. This will be extremely helpful to you and don't be afraid to delegate tasks to you don't take on too much. Ki Jones on 4/20/2011 8:36:50 AM

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