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Government Admins
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Minute Taking Does anyone have any ideas how I can take minutes at a meeting that is very important and I have not taking any minutes for a really long time. Also any forms that you would like to share would be great. Thank you Anonymous 4/10/2013 5:57:38 PM9
Federal Resume KSA's Does anyone know how to draft a KSA resume for the government? I'm coming out of a 3 year executive assistant position to four orthopaedic surgeons. Position was downsized in October due to "economic conditions". I would like to try to apply for a govt. position, however, the KSA resume is completely different from my current standard one. Any templates or examples of one would greatly be appreciated. Thank you. Teri McCullough 12/28/2009 10:12:20 AM3
recognition derserved I would appreciate any advice that you can provide regarding being overlooked for promotions and salary increases for several years. I work in a city government entity and for a very knowledgeable and well spoken man. I have worked for this entity for nearly 22 years and have worked hard to get where I am today. I have shown that I am a very dedicated and energetic employee and take on numerous tasks without complaint. During the past two years, I have created scenarios for the boss to review and described how these would benefit the department as well as the city with regard to financial impact and saving ten of thousands of dollars. These being pushed aside and not considered. Most recently, I have compiled a spreadsheet showing each level of the administrative positions and their respective tasks/ responsibilities. I found that I have all of the responsibilities of each and every position within the city along with several more advanced responsibilities that are not listed on a... Deborah Garitson 3/11/2008 9:55:04 AM1
Paternity Leave Where can I I find information on paternity leave for state of California? How long can the employee take paid paternity leave and how much should they be compensated during their leave? Leyina Chen Leyina Chen 3/3/2008 2:04:21 PM11
Performance Eval. I have an employee that I will be meeting with to discuss her Performance Evaluation. She is constantly complaining about her workload. How do I tell her and write this on her Performance eval form that no one wants to hear this. Thank you Serena Anonymous 3/3/2008 6:01:13 AM17
Office Policies Our new insurance carrier is requiring us to add additional office policies to the ones we currently have. Does anyone have policies in place for Internet Usage or Offensive Behavior? We're a small municipality with approximately 150 employees. Does anyone have anything similar in place? Sandra Clair-Ball 2/12/2008 12:38:30 PM1
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