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recognition derserved

I would appreciate any advice that you can provide regarding being overlooked for promotions and salary increases for several years. I work in a city government entity and for a very knowledgeable and well spoken man. I have worked for this entity for nearly 22 years and have worked hard to get where I am today. I have shown that I am a very dedicated and energetic employee and take on numerous tasks without complaint. During the past two years, I have created scenarios for the boss to review and described how these would benefit the department as well as the city with regard to financial impact and saving ten of thousands of dollars. These being pushed aside and not considered. Most recently, I have compiled a spreadsheet showing each level of the administrative positions and their respective tasks/ responsibilities. I found that I have all of the responsibilities of each and every position within the city along with several more advanced responsibilities that are not listed on any job description. I have written correspondence to him and included all of the aforementioned job descriptions and spreadsheet and met with him regarding my request. He, once again, put the package in his "in" box and said he would have to review the descriptions. I am open to any and all suggestions from anyone who can provide suggestions for my next steps. I am really tired of feeling like a peon and not being recognized for my hard work and dedication. Thanks!

Submitted by: Deborah Garitson


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I too work for a city government. It is city policy that each employee receives an annual evaluation. For each area evaluated, the employee is given a score. The total accumulative score for all areas can add up to a maximum overall score of 10. Anything that is a 7 or above warrants a raise. For any evaluations which are below a 7, a raise is not given. The raise is based on a predetermined pay and grade step. Each year, you move up one step if a raise is given. The steps are about a 3% increase. ---Aside from standard evals, the other area you question warrants commentary. You may be able to perform several tasks that others are performing. But keep in mind, you are an administrative support person, not a manager who carries the load of making vital decisions, being on call 24 hours a day for emergencies, etc. So even though you may be able to complete some of their save tasks/responsibilities, you are comparing apples to oranges....not apples to apples. Anonymous on 3/25/2008 1:58:22 PM

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