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Arizona Jobs?

I want to relocate to Arizona. I am single, and it would mean uprooting my entire life. My family lives in AZ and I would like to be there. I have had resumes on Monster and Careerbuilder, I have interviewed for a job in Phoenix, but so far nothing. I am considering how to do this, including an unpaid leave of absence from my current job to look in Phoenix for a period of 30 days. Does anyone have any support/suggestions? I am the executive assistant to the CEO of a nonprofit. I hate to take anything less than what I currently have, again, I am single and have to support myself. I am also 55 years old; and I feel like I have to do this now or never.

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I happened to see your inquiry when I was on my way to respond to another inquiry. I don't know how tied to the Phoenix area you are, but the City of Sedona is recruiting for an administrative assistant to the city manager. Hourly wage is $14.95 to $18.24. Residency requirements would allow you to relocate to the surrounding communities of Cottonwood, Clarkdale, Camp Verde, and other unincorporated areas. If you are interested in applying for the position you can download the application (required) and job description from the city's website, The deadline for applications is March 26. Feel free to e-mail me if you have further questions about the position or the area. Nancy Wilson on 3/6/2009 1:17:05 PM
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I don't want to appear mean, but a 55 year old senior executive assistant competing against how many others equally qualified in perhaps a depressed economic area? Age discrimination issues aside, unless you have a specific position offered to you, making the move would be a huge risk! Arizona is a beautiful state. I recommend you take a vacation to the area to check the job environment out in person. You already have a job so time is on your side. You might also want to write to the directors or HR heads of the nonprofits / not for profits in Arizona, or businesses that cater to older citizens (Arizona is a large draw for retirees +), and ask for advice or specific referrals. In any event, you have to convince an employer they need you in Arizona. Change your perspective, play up the valuable things you can bring with you (contacts, abilities, exposure), and plan your job search accordingly. Anonymous on 6/20/2008 1:36:49 PM
Hello! Have you thought about signing up at some temp agencies upon arrival? They will send you out on various assignments and you can show them how great you are and then they will want to hire you! That is what I would do. Good luck to you. You are making a good decision to be near family. Pat Grisbaum on 6/19/2008 9:28:27 AM
You may also want to make a list of companies in the surrounding area, and send your resume and cover letter directly to them. I've done in this in the past and had good results. Go go, they have a small listing of the best companies in AZ to work for, another site is Godspeed! Kimberly Kissel on 6/19/2008 9:08:30 AM
There is some truth to the reply regarding the summer issues with Arizona. It's hot and there is a percentage of people that just can't take it. I also am from the midwest (Michigan) but came out to go to school in 1994 and never left. Which brings up the other problem that you may be encountering - both the major cities in Arizona, Phoenix and Tucson, are college towns. There is an overabundance of young college-educated talent on a regular basis in almost all fields but especially ours. Being that you would need to relocate and they are already here, you are somewhat "behind the 8-ball" so to speak. A full resume and years of professional experience should help to off-set that but if you can take the leave of absence you were looking at, it might be a good way to go so you can explain your situation. Also, it might help if you put your local family address on your resume but leave your long distance phone number for contact. It's a little like cheating but I know there are a lot of people that do it in these situations. We have had several of our VPs do it before they were hired for this exact reason. Good luck! Courtney Hart on 6/19/2008 9:02:46 AM
Dear Anonymous, I have found that works very well when searching for jobs. It combines some of Monster, Careerbuilder, etc. into one search. Continue with what you are doing and try the local newspapers. Good luck in your search. Jamie on 6/19/2008 8:52:41 AM
Hello, First of all let me assure you of something. If you are truly looking ... you WILL find a job. I have a link that I found to be of great assistance: I checked the site for you and there are several postings for Executive Assistant positions. Let me explain to you that I live on an Island in the Pacific Northwest. Talk about jobs that are few and far between! I found the perfect job as Executive Assistant to a wonderful CEO. It took me six months of looking and it was not a posted position. I blanketed this Island with resumes to every business that was listed in the phone book! I don't think you will have to go to this extreme in Phoenix as it is a big city. By the way, I am 59 years old. Keep looking and know that the perfect job is out there for you! Judi, Whidbey Island WA Judith on 6/19/2008 8:48:02 AM
I would suggest you to continue searching for positions on the Craigslist, IAAP, and ASAEwebsites. I would also highly recommend you going to the IAAP website: and connect with some of the variou Arizona Chapters. E-mail the Chapter President's and tell her/him exactly what your are trying to do and if they know of any top level EA positions. I would also suggest if you have a family member or friend in Arizona address that you could use to update your resume with. It's best to use a local address as oppose to a out-of-state address especially for admin jobs. They certainly aren't going to pay for relocating fees for admin jobs. Good Luck and I hope this helps. Brigitte Tapp on 6/19/2008 8:37:36 AM
Suggestions - prior to taking an unpaid leave of absence.... 1. Contact & send your resume, your requirements to several Phoenix recruiting agencies and let them do the leg work for you. Request only those job assignments where the company pays the recruiting fee. Try to schedule all your interviews during one week when you could take a vacation week from work. Perhaps you could schedule a conference call with a future employer, then the second step would be the onsite interview, if the initial call goes well. 2. Subscribe to one or two Phoenix newspapers - you may be able to view the employment sections via their website, which would be for free. 3. Research cost of living in Phoenix in comparison to where you live currently. You may find a lesser salary in Phoenix is actually in line with what you are now making. Or you may find that your salary would be higher in Phoenix due to the cost of living. Connie Connie Foster on 6/19/2008 8:36:39 AM
We have quite a lot of Aerospace industry in Phoenix. I would suggest going to individual company websites such as Boeing, BAE Systems, Armor Works, Honeywell, AMSAFE, ect. They typically list their employment opportunites on their websites. Another approach would be to contact Temporary Employment agencies as the placements through them generally lead to permanent employment. Hope that is of some help! Good Luck!! Tina Hanson on 6/19/2008 8:35:43 AM
Arizona is not an easy place to get a well paid position as an assistant. I've been in Tucson for 10-years now and the main concern I heard during interviews was whether or not I'd make it through a summer. Many people move to Arizona every year and while many stay here, there are enough that can't take the summers that it causes concerns with employers. I had quit my job in Indiana, packed my car and was determined to make Arizona a success. While I had excellent skills and an impressive resume, it still took 6-months to get a decent full-time job yet paid considerably less than Indiana. I was (am) single and am now 55. In the meantime, I worked as a temp. By the way, today will be 109 in Tucson, 112 in Phoenix and summer doesn't officially start till Friday. Good luck! Claudia Hodges on 6/19/2008 8:31:44 AM

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