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Orlando Area Questions

My son is thinking about going to school in Orlando at Full Sail University (Winter Park, FL) this fall; They have sent us a book with all apartments in the area around the university; I was just wondering as I am Cleveland, OH, if there are certain apartment complexes I should be steering him away from? He would like to be within 1 - 2 miles from the school to "bike" to/from class. If you are in the Orlando area and could help me, it would be appreciated. If you would like copy of the map the school sent, I can e-mail to you. Thanks in advance.

Submitted by: Jan Moser


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In the time I have been a member, almost a year, I had not read a question that was not related to administrative or office matters. I can appreciate this person’s desire to select the right place for his or her son to live, as I have 2 kids myself. I would instead suggest reaching out to the university and local Orlando/Winter Park community for guidance. My sister had to do the same type of research for her daughter and found what she needed by communicating with the locals and establishing a relationship with the qualified people in the school, as well as visiting the new city prior to signing a lease agreement. I wish you luck. Anonymous on 6/24/2008 12:33:33 PM
Hi Jan, I am not familiar with the apartments around Full Sail, however if there are any other concerns or questions you may have I am glad to help. Elizabeth 407-421-9113 (cell) Elizabeth Jones on 6/20/2008 1:19:30 PM
My son Collin is a graduate of Full Sail. He stayed in two aparments 1. Waterside Apartment and 2. Oakwood Apartments. Both are okay and near the school. Whatever you all do do not get school loans from the private part of Sallie Mae the interest is ungodly. Hope this helps. Michele L. Davis Michele Lynn Davis on 6/12/2008 10:30:07 AM
Any apartment complex within the 2-5- mile radius of the school would be safe. However, I'm not sure of the rental cost, it may be more than you expect being so close to the school. Good luck to your son. It's a great school. Dale Blass Orlando Federal Credit Union 507-835-3521 Dale Blass on 6/9/2008 12:49:22 PM

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