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Textbook Inventory System

Our school system is looking at textbook inventory systems. We do not currently have a system in place and would like a system that will allow us to track from our Central Office textbook quantities held at all schools to alleviate unnecessary purchases. A system that can be expanded to track student losses, invoice and report on those losses would be preferable. Does anyone have a textbook inventory system in place at their school or division? What has your experience been with the system: recommendations, limitations, initial setup, bar-coding methods, ease of use, time consumption....? Any input you could offer would be appreciated.

Submitted by: Mona Kay Helper


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We use Access and record the textbook, author, isbn, quantity purchased and date. We then record how many are sent to each school and then every year after that we request the schools to send us totals of destroyed or missing books. We also ask them how many they did not use for the year or how many they were short. It is not perfect, but it works fairly well. Hope this helps Anonymous on 4/28/2008 10:06:07 AM
Our school uses Horizon. It works great. However, our librarian also works in the summer for a public library, and they use Innovative, and she loves it. Hope this helps. Anonymous on 4/25/2008 1:48:28 PM

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