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Short work weeks in Summer

Hi everyone. I would like to approach my boss with the option to have a four day work week this summer. If you are lucky enough to have that, would you please let me know the pros and cons so I can present my request with some facts and research. I need to convince him that there would not be lost productivity and he would have a happy workforce.

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We have instituted flex time here year round. We are required to work 35 hours, 70 in a 2 week pay period. Staff are allowed to put in 42 hours in week one and 28 hours the next or any combination thereof, as long as they total 70 hours and as long as they have their supervisor's approval. Masterg on 4/17/2018 1:07:39 PM
I provide direct support for two AVP's and oversee the operations for our 50+ person office. I have an agreement with my boss during the spring/summer months to still work 40 hours, but work 4 days in the office, and combine slightly longer days (or shorter lunches) with a couple of hours from home so I get all of my hours in. Since a lot of what I do can be done from anywhere, it works well for us. I also think what makes this work is that if there is something that absolutely needs to be done that requires me to be in the office, I will make accommodations to be there. Good working relationships and great communication are the key to making arrangements like this work. It allows me time to do what I enjoy, which is play lots of golf in the summer, but I make sure that my work gets done, and that they don't feel as though I am taking advantage of a good thing. Kay Klosowski on 4/17/2018 12:45:12 PM
Hi there, I am not currently working those hours, but I did in the past. My manager allowed it when I outlined all the duties I have and how much I accomplish in one eight hour day, and how much more I could with 10 hours. Also, I highlighted time sensitive information that I could provide sooner, which made him more effective. The cons are that it is a long day, but if you can handle that and make sure none of what you do slips or is late, it can easily be accomplished. Once they know all of what you do and can accomplish in the same amount of time, but not days, it should not matter. Just make sure there are no meetings or events that will impact either party. Account for that as well....Good Luck. TinkS on 4/17/2018 12:32:13 PM

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