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Working from Home

Hi Everyone, I was wondering if any of the members have the option to work from home and if so are there any rules/policies attached to this? We are in the beginning stages of discussions with possible offering this option but want to make sure we're covering all aspects of "what ifs" before we offer it to the group. Thanks so much!

Submitted by: Kathleen Grinnell


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There may be some legal rules regarding working at home and it might be beneficial to check with the Department of Labor regarding those. Are their OSHA requirements, dedicated work space requirements, etc Debbie on 7/19/2017 12:33:12 PM
Thanks to everyone who replied! These are great guidance points and a good direction from where I can begin. We have a consulting group and a functional group and the consulting group has more flexibility with regard to working from home. We're trying to make it more equitable. Has anyone found people that have taken advantage of the work from home policy and are spending more time doing other things around the house than actually accomplishing work? Or, has the EA who has been working from home relied on the rest of the team who works within the office for additional support (scanning, getting signatures, etc.)? I do not want to add a burden to other EAs when they are already have little bandwidth. Kathleen Grinnell on 7/11/2017 2:42:55 PM
Hi there. Our company has over 500 employees and we have remote workers, who are only in one day a week, and teleworkers who work from home two days a week. The remote workers have to sign a agreement, and the teleworkers have to get approval from their manager, and if performance becomes an issue, one or both days will get taken away (this goes for remote workers and teleworkers.) Kathy J. on 7/11/2017 7:30:47 AM
Kathleen, We have many telecommuters within our organization and we have them sign a Telecommuter Agreement, which outlines expectations as well as what the organization is willing to pay for, including, but not limited to: Internet, mileage, supplies, electronics, etc. It outlines scope, remote work location, confidentiality, terms, eligibility, compensation, income tax and expenses. All these should be addressed so both parties understand what each is responsible and liable for. I hope this information is helpful. TinkS on 7/10/2017 11:17:18 AM

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