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Board Meeting Minutes Template?

Good Morning, does anyone have a board meeting minutes template they can share with me? For the first time, our Chairman is asking to have ACTION ITEMS and MOTIONS noted in the minutes. It's been so long I forget the format. Can someone email me what they have? My work email address is: Thanks in advance for your help.

Submitted by: Carolyn Santora


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I have attached a template for your use (copy this link to view template FORMAT .DOC.) This document was designed in Microsoft Word Tables so the cells will expand as your type. If there is an agenda item which requires some sort of action or vote, you would preface it by the words "Action/follow-up" as in the sample document. I usually type any actions and votes in a bold font as it is easy to pick out in the minutes. If a vote is taken on any item I put it in the Action/follow-up sections and use verbiage similar to this: A motion to serve chocolate cake was made by Peggy Sue and seconded by Paula Mae. All approved. If there is more discussion before the vote is approved, always document that discussion followed and important points discussed if you think it is appropriate. In that case, I would add the verbiage, "after further discussion the motion was approved." Debbie on 5/1/2017 1:39:31 PM
Chairman XYZ: I make a motion to adopt and approve Governance Policy changes as written. So Moved: Marcia Paperweight. Seconded: Cathy Stopsign. Voted on by the Board. All those in favor say Aye. All those opposed same sign. Motion CARRIED. Opposed: None Jen Ann Shelton on 4/28/2017 8:48:24 AM
I just sent you an email with an Action Summary Example and the Minutes. Hope this helps. Julie Minegar Stasi on 4/28/2017 7:24:49 AM

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