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Does anyone use Uber for travel service for their boss? I am not that familiar with their use and wonder if it is a safe reliable service for my boss to get to and from the airport or even to meetings. It would save the company money in most cases I think. Thanks for any responses or suggestions that you can give regarding this.

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I have not used Uber to make a reservation, but some of the doctors I work for have and they have not had any problems. Matter of fact they use more than a regular taxi. Donita Jones on 8/10/2016 2:26:57 PM
Uber and Lyft drivers do go through backgrounds checks. I drive for Lyft on the weekends and have had a lot of fun meeting people. The best part is that no money changes hands, it is all through the app. You should try Uber or Lyft if you are not sure about it, you will find it quite friendly. Julie Donnellan on 8/9/2016 12:11:07 AM
My boss has been using Uber for a few years now. He uses them in NYC, Kansas City, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago. He usually uses the Uber-Black service, which is the limo-type service. It is less costly than some of the actual limo companies. Enid on 8/8/2016 3:08:20 PM
We use Uber and haven't had any problems with it. They show up and are dependable. They have worked great for us in Nashville, Chicago, Dallas, and New Orleans. No one has complained and seem very pleased. ElizaBeth Haubold on 8/8/2016 2:42:49 PM
We use Lyft and Uber. A friend is a Lyft driver, and they have a number of safeguards in place that make the service easy and safe. Jane Owens on 8/8/2016 2:15:38 PM
Hi, My Boss uses UBER for various business trips in NY, NJ, LA & locally in DC. It has been safe quick and reliable. I created an Uber account for him w/ his corporate card for payment. I also had him install the UBER App on his mobile phone. I registered his account with his email and created a password and also arranged for me to be emailed a copy of all of his UBER trips along with receipt in the account settings field. Easy Breezy & Hope this helps. Best, Melanie Ingram Melanie Ingram on 8/8/2016 2:03:51 PM
Hi there, We use Uber, however it is to the discretion of the user. We have corporate cards, and if someone would like to use Uber instead of a taxi they are allowed. Not all are comfortable with using it, especially our female executives, but I have seen many use it. We do not have a corporate type account, each do it individually from their phones. Hope that helps. TinkS on 8/8/2016 2:03:49 PM
I personally would not be comfortable with Uber. I do not know what kind of credentials and background checks are required and performed to be accepted as an Uber driver. Does the airport have any type of shuttle services? Debbie on 8/8/2016 2:01:52 PM
Hi there. I found a website that might be able to help you: It has lots of help questions/answers. I do know that one of my supervisors loves it. Alias on 8/8/2016 1:58:58 PM

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