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I work for a manager who procrastinates and micro-manages and would like to know how to be deal with this in a professional manner. Thanks very much.

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Aimee: I would be interested in reading what you have on this subject. But I don't know how to contact you direct. I thought there would be a link on your name but there isn't. Do you know another way? ~Cindy Cindy Brock on 5/3/2016 11:25:03 AM
To clarify, I recently typed a report in just five days. Any enjoyment I had in doing this report was gone. This is the first time it was done so quickly. Anonymous on 5/2/2016 3:40:01 PM
I agree with the previous post. In addition, make sure that you communicate with your manager in writing so that you have emails or a paper trail of your conversations. This will protect you should the manager puts the blame of procrastinating on you. Best of luck. Joaquin Mercado on 5/2/2016 3:27:33 PM
What is the best way to contact you about this information? Talking to this individual has not helped as I had hoped. Anonymous on 5/2/2016 2:56:46 PM
Here are some simple steps. Address your boss in a professional, and not demeaning manner and present these in that fashion: 1. Ask your supervisor what she/he expects from you. Have your boss layout what tasks he/she wants you to perform. Let them know that this will help you serve them better and that is your main objective. 2. Let your boss know that one of your talents is that you like being prepared. If he/she is a procrastinator, don't point that out to him/her, but rather put your best foot forward and let them know that you would love to help them accomplish something beforehand so that their are no surprises and you can do your best job. 3. Be proactive and learn to give your boss beforehand a progress report. It can be as simple as an email that updates on what you have done. 4. Demonstrate empathy by saying you understand. 5. And hopefully not this last one, but sometimes nothing works. If you have tried being proactive, empathizing and being proactive; but your boss's bad habits still persist, someone else might value you elsewhere. Alias on 5/2/2016 2:45:57 PM

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