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Publisher Mail Merge Problem

Hello - We put together newsletters to our members and want to merge addresses on to the newsletter. We know how to set up the address into the newsletter but once we set up the newsletter to print it changes the font and increases the size making us lose lines in the newsletters. Does anyone know why this is happening? Thank you

Submitted by: Jessica Lopez


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Hey Jessica, yes Publisher is very quirky. I typically use Word for newsletters and tables etc. I found it's much easier to work with if you know how to do things in Word like wrapping text etc. There is sometimes no rhyme or reason as to why Publisher does the things it does. I teach this stuff, believe me, no reason or explanation to Publisher sometimes. First off, did you create your list in the merge wizard IN Publisher? Or is it a list exported from Access, Excel or Outlook. If it originated from the merge wizard in Publisher, that may be why. I'd be curious to see. Feel free to email me the letter if you can. I'll take a look to figure out why if you want. Kristin Pelletier on 5/25/2020 8:46:10 PM

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