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File organization

My boss receives several hard copy trade and industry publications in the mail that he usually keeps in his office for a while. As you can imagine, these begin to pile up. Aside from creating large files by publication in date order and stored in a drawer somewhere, I'm curious to know if others have a more creative and efficient way to organize these that keeps the desk clutter down, and can also encourage older publications to be discarded sooner than later.

Submitted by: Debra Shumate


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One way is to find out if they are available 'online' so that you can just save PDF's in a folder on your computer. I'm not sure how many you are talking about, but if it's feasible, and they don't have an online version, you can always scan and save it as a PDF on your computer. Going paperless is great. If you OCR while scanning, it can capture keywords in case your boss or you need to pull up an article of interest in a particular subject. Alias on 5/16/2016 9:07:49 AM

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