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Mobile Meeting Aps

We are looking for a mobile app that can be used at large and small events. Do you know anyone who is currently using a mobile app that they really like? What are they using it for at their events? Based on the products we have looked at thus far, it seems there has to be a second product used to download all the meeting information from. For example; we would need to create the agendas, any meal choices, meeting choices, extra activity choices, and whatever other options are available to attendees at a particular meeting in a product like SignUp4 or Cvent, track everything in it, then download the results in the mobile app for the actual meeting. None of the mobile apps we have looked at thus far seem to be able to do it all. So with that in mind, what product do you use for planning your meetings? We have found that SignUp4 is too time consuming for the smaller meetings, as no two are alike, so we will end up using an Excel spreadsheet instead. The types of information we would track for most meetings, regardless of size, would include: ? Attendance ? Arrivals ? Departures ? Transfers or Ground Transportation needs ? Dietary Restrictions ? Meal or Menu Choices ? Meeting Choices ? Activity Options ? Whether or not they are bringing a Guest/Spouse On the mobile app side, we have seen demos from: ? SpotMe ? Quick Mobile On the interface product side, we have seen or tested: ? SignUp4 o Other suggestions thus far have been: ? Active Networks ? Cvent Taking into consideration, these tools could be used in other areas of the company for say Trade Shows, or maybe Sales activities, etc. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Submitted by: Rhonda Strong


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Guidebook is a great mobile app for conference and meetings. You're able to determine to what extent the need is and the pricing starts free with basic set up and increases from there as you add additional needs. The Senior VP of Sales used it last week at a conference and said it worked great. Rita Rossi on 2/27/2014 7:41:00 PM

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