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A career change

I have been running my own family owned business for close to 30 years and plan to close it down soon. Going into the "real" workplace after so many years is DAUNTING! I have Administrative skills and background and know offices and 'secretarial' work has moved light years ahead of early training. I am currently considering a Office Systems Specialist Certificate at my local community college (24 hrs) but am not seeing a similiar program offered in other states or communities. I have an opportunity of relocating and have interest in NC, GA. Does anyone know a solid accredited program that can help me prepare for today's office environment? I do not have the resources to enter into a degree program so time involved and fiances are a factor. Thank you! I hope somebody has some information or can direct me to a viable web site that can offer some help!

Submitted by: Elizabeth Bridges


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Hi Elizabeth, I recently obtained a STAR 12 membership from National Seminars Training. It's $299. It provides one year of free training including 1- and 2-day local seminars; live webinars; on demand seminars and webinars; Steven Covey lectures; etc. It's not a degree program but it would certainly help you get up-to-date on all of the MS Office tools plus other related training in human resources, management, etc. I LOVE IT! Hope this helps. Carolyn Clemons on 11/12/2013 11:38:45 AM

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