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CAP Certification

Late in my career, but I'm debating on testing for the CAP Certification. Does anyone have any experience with this? Is the IAAP the only organization that sponsors it? Does anyone know the best way to learn the materials & what is needed? In the IAAP exam guide, it gives a list of 18 books to use and out of each one, you only need a few chapters.

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Well Kimberly, as I am one of those professionals who feels her career needs a kick in the behind at this point in time, I am going to take a look at the certification again. My first experience was 5 years ago. So the exam has changed, and hopefully there are testing sites I reach now, too. I still have some heartburn from my last experience with the local IAAP chapter, but I can rejoin "at large" and slowly test the waters for sharks. The difference in costs for the exam materials test fees make rejoining a smart move - if I decide this is a path worth pursuing at this time. Thanks for sharing your experience and thanks to the original poster for starting this conversation. Lorraine Williams on 8/20/2013 8:10:25 PM
Kimberly, thanks for your input. Could you please tell me where I can find the 4 manuals / study guides available that you purchased? Rose on 7/29/2013 12:05:46 PM
I have the CAP-OM certification and I found passing the test to be very rewarding and it has been very beneficial since then. In preparation, I learned several new things and studying reaffirmed what I already thought I knew. I work in a hospital setting and was able to get the certification approved for a 3% increase in pay upon passing the test. IAAP is the only organization that sponsors CAP and CAP-OM. I took my test in 2010 and there were 4 manuals / study guides available for purchase then (along with the long list of books and references - but I didnt use those). I know the test has changed and the manuals I have now are no longer accurate, but I think they have created something similar to use as a study guide. I would encourage every admin or professional to obtain the certification. It is really something to be proud of! I am even seeing job descriptions and wanted ads that list "CAP or CAP-OM certification preferred" in my area! :) Kimberly Kincaid on 7/24/2013 3:50:41 PM
I became very discouraged by the IAAP and the CAP exam process very early into it. One of the things they stressed was to not use any outdated material. The first book they recommend that is an overview of the exam and supposed to get you on the right track to succeed in passing it was 10 years old. You don't find this out until after you have purchased it. The exams are proctored and it would have required I fly to another state to take it. Also a think I recall several of the exam sections required college coursework (that my business degree does not cover, strangely enough). I could never figure out how to sit classes (none available online) and keep my job, so I gave up. Lorraine Williams on 7/23/2013 8:04:13 PM
I actually took the exam in 2009. It has changed since then and so have the titles. It was CPS and CAP. Now it's CAP (certified administrative professional) and CAP-OM (the OM is for organizational management). The test is like a CPA exam in that it covers many areas. It's best to rely on all of your experience and concentrate on those areas you have the least experience in. I found it beneficial to take all of the quizzes after each chapter and then concentrate of the areas I was weak in. I studied for several months before I took the exam but I know of people who didn't study at all and passed. In today's environment, more and more companies are looking for certified admins. It never hurts to continue your education. While other associations do offer some type of certification, IAAP is the only one I know of who offers the CAP. I am on the board for the Northern Virginia Chapter of IAAP. We have quite a few members who have taken the exam and passed. If you would like to contact me or have additional questions, please send me your email address and we can talk offline. Valerie Butler on 7/23/2013 1:47:50 PM
If as you say, it is late in your career and if you are not involved with or working with the Defense Departments or Federal Government, and if you have no intention of doing so, I would not consider CAP Certification. Anonymous on 7/23/2013 1:23:47 PM
AEAP partner, Ed2Go, offers the following courses to help prepare for the exams: and Anonymous on 7/23/2013 1:15:53 PM

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