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Powerpoint MOS Exam

Have any of you taken the exam for Powerpoint? I'm studying for it and there is so much to know. I would be interested in finding out what study methods you found to be most useful when preparing for the exam. Thank you.

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I just finished the MOS certification test for PowerPoint 2010. I purchased a MOS Certiport/LearnKey bundle through IAAP. Certiport provided one practice test and LearnKey provide hours of video lectures and practice exams. I believe you need both the Certiport test and LearnKey videos because they provide different information. The Certiport test is an actual example of what the questions will be like at your proctor. The LearnKey Videos provide comprehensive training on all aspects of the software. In addition, I opened all ribbon tabs and dropdowns and memorized where they were and what they did. When you pass the proctored exam, Microsoft will allow you to download certification logos for your resume. Good Luck! Anonymous on 9/2/2013 1:02:46 PM

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