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Employee Recognition for Years of Service

We want to start a recogntion program, but feel that plaques/awards usually just end up dust collectors. Any thoughts on more personal programs? Also, any thoughts on how to start this without offending everyone who now has a significant anniversary that has already passed?

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We just instituted a new program with silver ingot bars from Republic Metals, engraved with our logo and a message from our CEO. They are a nice keepsake but have cash value as well that increases with the price of silver. We did 5 and 10 oz bars, and our award for 20 years will be a 1 oz gold bar. It was well received. We are a relatively new company (17 years), so we went back to day one and caught everyone up to date (anyone with 5 - 9 years got the 5 year award, 10 - 14 years got the 10 year award, etc.). on 8/22/2013 9:56:53 AM

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