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Personal Relationship Problem

My boss' live-in girlfirend works here, and questions everything I do constantly - from meeting times, locations and attendees to content of presentations, travel arrangements etc. Now I'm getting second-hand instructions ("we spoke last night and he said he wants blah blah blah"). I don't feel I can say anything to either one without jeopardizing my job. He's created the monster by giving her an all-access pass to what happens in his office. I make really good money but I'm irritated and insulted every single day. It's not just me - many others have this complaint and are also too afraid to speak up. Time to just call it a day and move on?

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Thanks for your input. You're right, I need to address this but take the emotion out of it. To answer questions in case anyone else wants to weigh in - I've been here 8 years (with the same boss), and she has been here 7. Her position does not outrank mine, but she involves herself in business way higher on the food chain than mine as well. We are a public company. I had an excellent working relationship for many years but it's been disintegrating for a while due to this situation. on 6/14/2012 8:33:19 AM
More information needed to evaluate the situation. Has the girlfriend worked there long? Is the position she holds of a higher authority than yours? How long have you worked for your boss? What was your working relationship prior to the girlfriend? Big company? Small Company? Privately owned? You may need to have a difficult conversation with your boss, but make sure it is task related and asking for clarification on who is reponsible for assigning your work, and how you can help improve communications when an assignment is unclear. Be prepared for some potential fall out, as your boss may talk at home and right or wrong, the home conversations could project themselves in behaviors at the office. You are a professional, take responsibility for your end of the problem, keep discussions to topics of work and not about others in the office. But if you have a frank conversation about your work and not about people, you may get more clear direction on what steps to take next. There is always the chance the the girlfriend won't be around for long. Anonymous on 6/12/2012 7:40:48 PM

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