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Sabbatical Policy

I am looking for examples of sabbatical programs that employers offer to their employees. Can you either post information the forum re: your employer's program or email me at with your program outline? Thank you. Stacy

Submitted by: Stacy Leitner


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My employer's sabbatical program is the year of your 6th anniversary you will get a 3-week sabbatical (to be taken at one time; cannot break up the weeks). We have "PTO" days as opposed to "vacation" and "sick" days. Your 1st full calendar year you get 17 PTO days, 2nd year is 18, 3rd year is 20, 4th year is 21 and 5th year is 22 days. During the 6th year, which is the sabbatical year, your PTO goes back to 15 days. The 7th thru 11th years then go back to 22 days. A sabbatical is awarded every 6 years. I hope this helps. Nancy Sullivan on 5/3/2012 2:08:08 PM

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