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Common Courtesy

Does no one have common courtesy anymore? Or respect for your fellow team in your department? I have a team member that can?t tell me (I?m an executive admin.) until there is only one form left that they need some. Yes I?m suppose to check it every once and awhile but if you are in the folder all the time can?t you tell me when there are like five left. Granted it?s going to effect them more then me if they actually need one. Then they asked me to take care of something (that they generated) and I said sure. Then went and took care of it but never told me. I went to go take care of it and it was gone. REALLY? They listen to their voicemails on speaker phone. They dial on speaker phone. Which another employee in our building asked me about because they past by our offices. So this other employee took it upon themselves to say something to them (it didn?t help). They also worry about things that are none of their concern. Like I make the IDs for our business, more then once they?ve worried that someone hasn?t gotten theirs yet. First off, you?re not my boss, and secondly you are not their boss so why are you worried about it. I have a procedure for them and everyone else is ok with it. They also tend to go to our boss and ask about procedures that I do and then I get questioned from my boss. If my boss has a problem with the way I?m doing something or wants to question it let them do it on their own. Very annoying to deal with someone like this M-F.

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I'm making an assumption that your using MS Word or some other Microsoft Office application to create your form. Is it possible you could create a soft copy template for your form and then send the template file to your team and have everyone who uses that form save it in their templates folder. That way you never have to print paper copies. Everyone who uses the form will have access to it right on their desktop/laptop. Even better, if you have an IT department they may be able to help you make your form one of the default available templates that appears when employees go to create a new document (in MS Word). Anonymous on 6/9/2014 3:02:39 PM

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