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This helped me land my job, in this terrible economy!

If you know anyone who is job hunting, please let them know about the website I just used to help land interviews, it worked GREAT. It's and it really got my job hunt moving. It's a great buy too, I have a coupon code if you want to try the service, just go to and when you get a price, type in "A5247123556" for a special discount! If you are job hunting, try it, I got 10 calls for interviews in the first 3 days!

Submitted by: Jennifer from VA


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Thanks so much; I was going to post my frustration in my job search which is now in its 6th month! I've had terrific interviews, I've sent the appropriate follow up thank you letters, emails - whatever I could without being annoying or intrusive. I've heard nothing back and don't know why I wasn't ever hired. I would appreciate any tips from anyone else in this same situation. I'll try this service and see where I land; good for you and your new job! KJ on 5/22/2013 12:10:03 PM

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