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I have an employee who is a senior and has been with the company for over 10 years. She does not have the ability to pay attention to detail. Alot of small errors. We recently had an upgrade and changed the way we process our paying our invoices. She has been trained and has to be told over and over how to get around in the system. She will not right anything down. She has questioned me on how to do a procedure that she has been doing the same way for years. I do not know if she is having trouble with her memory. Should I ask her to provide us with a "Fit for Duty" report from her doctor. Thank you Serena

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She may have things on her mind that are overwhelming her and are affecting her tasks at work and maybe all she needs is a good friend to talk to at the office instead of wanting to put her "out to pasture." There are times when I have a few hiccups with something I've done over and over. I do want to add as well, while I don't know how long you have been working we all make very similar mistakes with things we have been doing probably since we learned how to write. Example, re-read your post and you will see that instead of the word "write" you typed "right". Could be you had something else on your mind while typing this and just didn't pay much attention to detail to what you put down -- similar to what maybe this woman is going through at times. I don't think people should jump to conclusions with a "Fit for Duty" report from her doctor. Nancy Sullivan on 1/30/2012 1:54:56 PM
Oh dear -- this issue needs to be addressed - for her sake as well as the company you all work for! Get your HR people to handle this immediately! It may be that she has some issues in her personal life that have so distracted her that she can't/won't retain information needed for her job. (Problems with spouses/children/elderly parents can greatly change a persons thought processes) It can also be the result of medical conditions or something like prescriptions that can change a person's abilities and thought processes without them being aware of it. Iif she was a competent employee before - and things are starting to be confusing for her and she can't get with a new program/procedure - it could even be early stage Alzheimer's - we don't want to think of that - because people confuse it with someone being OLD - but younger and younger people are being diagnosed with it -- you would be doing her a favor by getting some kind of intervention to help her. Office Person on 1/25/2012 10:29:04 AM

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