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New Employee - The Honeymoon is OVER!

A new person started in my department. They were very nice & worked well with others for about the first 5 months. Then while questioning me about something that was already in place stormed out of my office & said I won that one. It has continued if they ask me anything & don't like my answer they storm or give me the evil eye look. I have found they are rude to other employees (even sort of snotty). They seem to carry over my head that they have more experice in our line of work always telling me they know how to do this & how to do that. But yet has stopped asking questions about our department & how we do things & I feel has had too many iffy areas. They also seem to not complete a project until they have to. And things that are common sense for our department they miss. They help employees in my "area" even when I'm sitting at my desk & could help. I finally mentioned to my boss about the helping employees stating that I think you should send the coworker to the correct person (if they are in) & my boss agreed. However my boss either never mentioned anything to them or it didn't sink in. So just caused me about three days of an issue, my boss questioning how something gets done & then another question came up all because they decided to hand something I deal with. I feel like screaming at them LET ME DO MY JOB! I honestly feel that my boss doesn't see what I'm seeing either & it's not like I can go complain all the time since we are a 3 person department. I also feel that they are representing our department in a bad light. I have a few trusted employees that I vent to when I really have a bad day, but I'm to the point that I'm stressed coming to work now. I don't want to quit my job or department or business I LOVE IT & I've proved to my boss I can do my job & have learned a lot in the few yrs I've been here. But I don't know how to handle it anymore. ANY IDEAS?

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Well thanks for all the responses, I didn't realize that I had gotten so many good ones until I saw my question had made the newsletter. Right after I posted this the mess with the PTO that took me 3 days to fix I was so ticked off by it that I was very quiet with them & then they realized they did something wrong. They asked what they did wrong and said sorry. I told them that if I'm here please let me help the employee (if it's my area) & they understood. I told them I had worked my butt off to get to this position & had proved myself to our boss. They confessed to always being on their own (which I still don't get cause they were in HR & by the way so are we so it's sort of hard to go to HR if you are HR) so it was hard to not just do something themselves. Things have gotten a little better but they continue to not finish stuff until they have too, has still stopped asking questions at least to me (& starts projects that we all work on but they do it their way, instead of asking so some times I have to fix it). Yes what they do doesn't reflex on me but sometimes it does effect my duties & when I get them done (if it?s a group effort) but seeing that we are HR & they are presenting themselves the way they are makes you wonder what others are thinking. Ever since our sit down - they don't open themselves up personally (which they never really did before) but it makes it very hard to read them (they are hard to read anyways) so it can make for a long day or week ? if they seem upset or distracted (either work related or home related). Their latest thing has been to come up with how to change a form or a process (if it isn't broke why fix it). I know we are all new and have new ideas but when it creates more work for me (and I don't think they are realizing it). They suggested a few things be changed for convenience and saving paper when they first started (and we all agreed on it). But the newest things are going to create more work for me now and in the future. Most of it deals with getting audited or confidentiality which I understand but they act like it needs to be changed right now! (if it?s been this way since our boss was here why change it ? and you can?t just go and change something especially if you just printed 500 copies for example). They?ll also bring things to me that ?they aren?t quite sure about?, and I?ll end up doing part or all of it (so then I feel like I?m doing something they were suppose to do ? BUT I MAKE SURE MY BOSS KNOWS I DID IT). They still have a lot of little quirks about them that I?m not sure I will ever understand (and they do aggravate me) but I have decided with all things, that even though I would still like to go to my boss sometimes about it, I figure eventually they will dig their own hole and have to figure out how to get out. My biggest wish was that my boss would have let someone from our department sit in on the interviews ? I have a feeling a better fit would have been made. Annoymous on 3/20/2012 8:07:16 AM
So far everyone has had some good ideas. I know right now the ideas seem to stink but in the end they will be gold. I also went through this type of maddness at my job with a new employee the OM and she turned and tried to get me fired. My supervisor yelled at me and I did not know what had happened. No matter what I said he believed her who was employed for 2 months and I who has been there and worked for him for 9 years. Since then I have kept notes on everything that has happened, I have kept every email that has been sent to me in each departments folder. Eventually she said that she had no idea of something that she told me to do and I sent my boss the email that she sent asking me to do it and cc'd her on it. Two days later he fired her. I never got an apology for anything. Keep your head up and keep performing your duties as always. Hope things will get better and much success to you. RG on 12/29/2011 8:14:13 PM
Isn't it crazy behavior? It's an attitude thing that I've noticed more and more. It gets under your skin--problem is that some will see it, some won't depending on who they show their colors to. Take the high road, do your job and avoid confrontation because that's what "they" want. Try to set the example of a good work ethic and teamwork and what not to do. Anything that smells of harrassment should not be tolerated. Document issues that come up. Be happy every day and don't let them know you are bothered. It's the hardest thing you will ever do. Anonymous on 12/29/2011 11:09:08 AM
A couple of thoughts: (1) Are you doing your job? If so, why do you care what this employee does? Does it have direct impact of what you're doing and your performance in your tasks? If not, then let it go. (2) If this person is really being snotty to others, that reflects upon him/her - not you. Eventually, this person will be snotty to the wrong person. (3) If you go to HR (which I agree is probably the next step), you need to have facts and examples such as, "On this day, X asked me about whatever and I gave X an answer and X proceeded to ignore what I said and displayed a rather unprofessional attitude during the entire situation." You need to make a global statement about his/her overall attitude and then list out the situations. Be sure to emphasize any situations in which the wrong information was given. (4) If you are being questioned about things you had no involvement in, here's what you say: "I'm not familiar with that situation. X volunteered to help." That's a polite way to say, "I know nothing that you know who stuck his/her nose into the middle of it." >>In reality, if you simply cannot live with this, and your boss won't address the situation to the full extent, then you need to move on. Since you seem to have a support system in place, I would (as mentioned previously) go to HR for some guidance and find a way to let it go, do your job at the highest level possible, and ignore what this other person is doing. Have some faith. ~Cindy ;) Cindy Brock on 12/29/2011 10:20:22 AM
Sounds like the three of you need to have a sit-down chat on things. A staff meeting with the boss, you and the other co-worker (if this co-worker is on the same management string that you are on). Basically, it sounds like the other person is stressed too if they are refering to "you winning one". You are all there for the same purpose; to carry out the job of your company. It needs to run smooth for everyone, not just you and not just the other people. Your boss also needs to know if there are snags coming into play and that when one person takes it upon themselves to do the fix, it may be causing a problem on another end if that end was the one to do the fix. Sit down and talk with each other on everyones part. Once that is done, then you all will have time to work out the functions. If after that, if things do not improve, then you should sit down with the boss one on one and advise them there are still concerns you have with the flow of the office. You ultimately want everyone to enjoy their work and the end result of your company's purpose. Julie Minegar Stasi on 12/29/2011 10:18:30 AM
WHOA! This sounds very much like something that happened to me. Amazing how one person can absolutely destroy your whole 'work life' - and I wish I had handled it better than I did -- I didn't handle 'conflict' well back then - and I've learned a few things since - This woman - who was referred to behind her back as Drama Queen -did everything in her power to get me - up to and including attempting to frame me for something that I had no involvement in! I went from an absolute glowing review six months prior to her arrival - to being 'written up' for MY "bad" behavior, etc. - long story short - I turned in my resignation rather than go through the humiliation of 'corrective actions'. As it turned out, I went on to a better job in a field that I had wanted to be in (law) and feel it was the best thing for me. HOWEVER - if I had really wanted to stick it out there - I would have gone over the heads of my superiors and straight to HR to ask them to intervene - so that's my suggestion to you: this is really a form of harassment - the company needs to know about her -- and you may find that a few other people are having 'conflict' with her as well - so you would be doing everyone a favor by taking this to HR. And if your company has counseling through and employee assistance program - I strongly urge you to take advantage of that as well -- they can also help you deal with this frustration -- it is a great resource! Good Luck! Office Person on 12/29/2011 8:09:35 AM

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