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Have more members become Virtual Assistants since 2008?

I see that we have a forum from 2008 regarding becoming a VA. Are there others out there who have become VA's? If so, how is it going? I'd like to see samples of what you offer your clients and I'd like to know how successful you have been. Do you feel it is necessary to be an expert in everything, i.e. accounting, as well as traditional administrative assistant skills? My accounting experience is next to nothing, but my office skills are strong. Is it possible to start a VA service without offering full-service options? Or do you think it is best to wait until I have a chance to take an accounting course so that I can offer a more full-service plan? Thanks for your input.

Submitted by: Terry Killian


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Here is the VA Chamber organization I mentioned in my earlier post: on 2/24/2011 10:10:41 AM
I'm seriously considering the same option, and I'd love some input. I took the AssistU VA program years ago and it was excellent, but due to personal circumstances I decided to stick with the "stability" of the corporate world, which we all know doesn't exist anymore. :) AssistU is an excellent program albeit pricey. There is also a VA chamber of commerce that looks interesting. Any thoughts out there? Terry, as for your question I don't think it's necessary to be an expert at everything. You have the ability to choose your clients and the type of work you do so you can specialize. I've also wondered if it wouldn't pay to work together in a small group of VA's, so you COULD offer full-service options....? on 2/24/2011 8:36:46 AM
I would Google Jessica Maes. She is a virtual assistant and offers training and seminars on how to become a VA. Dee Dee Heffernan on 9/9/2010 8:17:07 AM

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