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Creating Objectives

I've been asked to submit my Objectives in my new role as the assistant to the Vice President of Global Food Safety and Quality. This will be the first for me as I have only been with the company for a little over 6 months. Does anyone have a copy that they can send to me that I may use as a guide? I was asked not to make it look like a job description. Any assistance would be appreicated.

Submitted by: Ms. Mary


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One of my Development Objectives this year is: Enhance skills and broaden knowledge on the latest trends and technology in the administrative profession. And my Action Plan to achieve this is: Continue membership and active involvement with administrative professionals associations and attend their meetings, conferences, seminars/teleseminars/webinars, and networking with other administrative professionals. Tips in formulating your objective(s): Take a look at your company?s mission or goals; your department?s goals; your executive?s goals/objectives. What can you do to support these goals? Remember the components for goal-setting: S.M.A.R.T. (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic). There was a publication that helped me a lot in setting up my goals (wording them correctly). It is called ?The Basic Guide to Goal Setting for Administrative Professionals? published by Karen Porter of Hope these help. Anonymous on 7/28/2010 12:19:27 PM
I'd pull out four or five areas that you think you can streamline or improve somehow, and it's better if they are at least related to the job description because that's what will be used to evaluate you. Some of it will be terribly vague (i.e., improve communication with board members) and some could be very specific (set up online site where board members or project managers can get materials, receive education, communicate with one another). Another might be to create a desk manual that can be used by anyone sitting in for you (this would be a very specific and arduous undertaking, somewhat based on the experience you've probably not yet had yourself). Anyway, four or five areas where you think you can shine in a meaningful way, with bulleted lists under them, should get you started. That's enough of a deviation from the job description that it would be ok. Debra Thompson on 7/26/2010 1:59:59 PM

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