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Wanted to switch to healthcare industry

I'm an administrative assistant with 12 years of experience in the financial (consulting) industry. I'm interested in switching to the healthcare industry since I used to work for a pharmaceutical company and was once familiar with medical terminologies. I was wondering what additional skills (aside from the transferable ones) or software programs (aside from Microsoft office) I need to have and learn to be able to work in this industry (especially the hospitals).

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Hi Mylene, making a transition is challenging for any and everyone - but good for you for determining it was a good time to do so. It is difficult to suggest what standardized skillsets for programs and what not you may need to make yourself more desirable. First and foremost, I would highlight on your resume examples of proprietary or non-generalized software which you have used. Increasingly, IT is building to meet the needs of individualized companies, and therefore, showing that you are adaptable, and quick to learn new skills is VITAL! I would demonstrate your ability to learn as well as your ability to manipulate software to meet the needs of the people you support. As a rule, the 'higher the level' of the position, the less breadth of knowedge your require - however, my current position is a total violation of that statement. I am teaching myself Infopath right now - and LOVING it! Also, new to me is OneNote - which has saved my life as it is basically a trapper keeper and I feel like I am walking through school hallways with every peice of information I require to manage an EVP, SVP, 6VPs and 2SrDtrs. Show your ability to manage portfolios of work - how you can bridge different roles with specific style compliments. Finally - show that you understand working in both global environments, and are a master of time and space. Show that you can get anyone anywhere for anything - and a great job is waiting for you - I assure you. My email is As you refine your search, I would love to work with you on some of your choices and opportunities helping you find that perfect fit. Jaisend on 7/23/2010 8:53:01 AM

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