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Secretarial Competencies

I have worked as a secretary for the federal government for the past 14 years. The agency I work for has been in existence for the past 16 years. We do not have secretarial competencies established, and I have been tasked to lead a group of four to write them for each secretarial level. I contacted our HR to see if they have any guidance I can use. I was told that this is new to the federal government, and I would have to start from scratch. HR also told me that I can use information from the private sector and incorporate it into my documents. Does anyone have a good web site I can go to or have a competency dictionary I can access or any help at all? Thank you in advance for your consideration.

Submitted by: Anne Wagner


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Joan Burge's book "Inner Circle Assistant" lists 12 key competencies assistants must have to perform their jobs. I would refer to this as a general reference. You may order this book from her web site, or Anonymous on 10/1/2009 9:02:51 AM
Our HR department recently revised the titles of the four admin support positions. Maybe these job descriptions will help: Administrative Specialist Administrative Specialist, Sr. Administrative Assistant Administrative Associate Jacque Buchanan on 10/1/2009 8:06:37 AM

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