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MS Access Business Days vs. Calendar Days

I have a need to post the number of business days it takes to complete several hundred different projects. I've already set up the database to capture and track all pertinent details except for this one. I suppose I could copy and paste my calculated "Calendar Days" column to Excel and use the "networkdays" formula, then copy it back again ... but I was hoping someone had a more elegant solution. Thank you, Wynn

Submitted by: Wynn Rowell


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Thanks, Phyl - but the only formula I know of is the Excel formula "networkdays" - are you saying I can use it in Access? Wynn Rowell on 8/27/2008 1:22:24 PM
If you're using Microsoft Access, you can create a report and enter the formula in a text box to do the calculation. Phyl Brown on 8/27/2008 10:34:44 AM

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