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The Catering Battle

An on-going topic on contention between my boss and I is catering for meetings. Our company employs a catering service to staff and our on-site cafeteria. Administrators within the company are encouraged to use our on-site catering service whenever possible to meet sales volumes, making the on-site café profitable and therefore a service we can continue to offer to our employees. Occasionally, to change things up I will have meals brought in from an off-site vendor. The key here is that I will only order from a restaurant that will deliver. However, my boss often requests meals from restaurants that do not provide delivery service. When I refuse to order from establishments that will not deliver he gets extremely irritated with me. He has gone so far as to inquire with other administrators within the company about their catering practices. When he is invited to a meeting where a meal is provided and he notices the meal was not provided by our on-site catering department he will inquire with that group’s administrator where she went to get the meal and if it as delivered or if she picked up. In his quest, he has discovered that there are those administrators within the company who don’t mind picking up food for meetings. I however am not one of those administrators. I do not feel I should have to use my personal vehicle to go out and drive all over town to pick up catering. I don’t like the smell of food in my car. I don’t want to risk having sauces and oils damage my vehicle interior. I don’t want to lug food trays and beverages across the parking garage, through the campus to our building up stairs/elevators to conference rooms and have to set up the food. I feel this topic is going to be brought up in my Feb 2015 review. My fear is that I’m going to totally loose it. How do I respond calmly and get my point across. I'm concerned I could be fired for refusing even though using my personal vehicle to pick up off-site catering is not part of my job description. Should I discuss this with HR before review time?

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I totally agree with you and I would discuss with HR. Your first 3 sentences summed it up. The other part of this is what if you carpooled or were in a van pool, or rode a bus? This would not be an option. Certainly I understand because there are those who do go get food which sets a precedence in not following the guidelines the Company would like followed. I would keep going back to those guidelines. I have had the same problems in the past--all of the ones you stated here and our company pays personal mileage. It doesn't matter. Its the aggravation. Also what if you were in a wreck, had car trouble, etc. Hope this went well for you. Your boss is being unreasonable. Ann on 5/13/2015 6:49:45 AM

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