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Meetings for Administrative Assistants

I saw that a few other members have their administrative assistants meet. My boss has asked me to develop the same. Those of you that meet, could you give me an idea of what your discussion topics are. We will be doing the same thing in our office area.

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I would be happy to share the agenda for my upcoming meeting. My email is: If you're interested, please email me so I can send it off to you. Diane Salava on 5/26/2010 11:38:13 AM
I, as the executive assistant for our division, hold a quarterly administrative assistant meeting. Most recently there have been topics pertinent to the group from management, i.e., a new teleconferencing option for use by committees, state mail tips, etc. Otherwise, I pick an educational topic that will not last more than 45 minutes. Then the last 15 minutes is for discussion of any pertinent topics. I do ask for input before the meeting as to any other items to be covered at the meeting. Jody Gonzales on 9/23/2009 8:46:40 AM
We have several of these meetings. My company is divided into divisions and the executive assistant for the division director holds meetings with all the admins in that division. Some divisions have monthly meetings but most hold them quarterly. I am the executive assistant to the COO who is in charge of all the divisions so I hold my meeting with the executive assistants from all the divisions. My meetings are quarterly. I prepare an agenda and alway ask the members for suggestions. Each division is different. We always began with a brief update of what is happening in each division. While divisions are different all are required to track and prepare similiar reports so we discuss the reports (problems, corrections, changes). We discuss deadlines and requirements. We discuss ways to improve our performance, review technical and leadership skills. We even have mimi training sessions. Key is our 15 minutes focus topic discussion. Sometimes this is a change for staff to vent. I don't discourage these discussion because this is our only opinion to vent and it allows others to offer suggestions for change. Those that have monthly meeting usually meet for 1 hour. Quarterly meetings are 2 1/2 - 3 hours. Orietta Brewer on 9/18/2009 7:58:39 PM
In my opinion these types of meeting are only necessary when there is a lot of deligation going on in the work place. Or when there is more than one assistant to a department (i.e., two or more administrative assistants in one department). Generally when you work for a huge company or organization, there are staff meetings that usually talk about the state of the company or organization, changes to various departments, announce employee anniversaries or other events and/or matters taking place, and discuss other important business - kept within a two hour time frame. If you have to have such meeting, an administrative assistants meeting can work serve keeping up-to-date on what each person is working on, make sure things are going smoothly, and like one of the members who replied said, make sure it doesn't turn into a complaint session. Because if it does, you'd better be prepared with knowing how to resolve the issue. Frankly, I think it's a waste of time. A meeting should be called ONLY if there are important matters that need to be addressed (i.e., deadlines not being met, tasks falling through the cracks, lateness, missed messages, someone not pulling their weight, new assignments coming up -- things of that nature). Rene Rivers on 9/17/2009 2:45:46 PM
First of all it is important to be sure these meetings are productive and don't turn into a complaint session. If somebody has a complaint they should be equipped with a solution. We talk about what is happening within the company (large company) and the industry (financial), what ideas we may have regarding professional development (has anybody taken any courses and cost, any articles read regarding applications used or new applications, etc.) Occassionaly we try to get a guest speaker (someone within the company that can give us more insight on a particular topic - saving for retirement, college savings, government, volunteering etc. We have even had the CEO address our group. That was a win-win kind of thing, he got to know us and we got to see him on a more personal level). If a guest speaker can be found at a minimual cost we do that as well. A lot of times the speaker will discount fees just to get their foot in the door. At the end we spend 10 minutes or so on "housekeeping" issues (clean desk policy, pick up after self, put dishes in the dishwasher type things). We try and have the meetings right after lunch and somebody brings a dessert. An agenda is sent out before hand. Hope this helps! Jeanette Bright on 9/16/2009 12:48:59 PM
We meet onace a month. We create agenda items prior tp the meeting. Since our department is EMR (electronice medical records) we might have issues pertaining to the EMR, dictation process and distribution, effective communication. I always have our last item as "is there anything else that you would like to discuass." Keep is productive versus a complaing/venting session. Lisa Stanton on 9/16/2009 12:31:10 PM
We would discuss vacation coverage, ask for topics of discussion in the previous meeting. If there was an HR issue, we would invite an HR person to attend, work on Microsoft shortcuts, discuss training that people would like and try to arrange for someone to come in and help with that. We would brainstorm ideas based on work issues and how to go about solving these issues. Lori Nugent on 9/16/2009 12:19:17 PM
We meet monthly for an hour and discuss upcoming events in the company, big projects that each of us are working on, time off coverage etc. We've also changed the date and time of a meeting to participate in a few of the web ex programs offered for assistants. This has been a great forum for all of us and the response from the other admins has been great. They love our meetings. Anonymous on 9/16/2009 12:06:56 PM

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